About Me

I am UK based, in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne with my better half and the best little person we ever did make.

I love to geek-out over beautiful fonts, I am obsessed with stationary, all kinds of crafts, baking and general homemade amazingness. I am a full time mummy and wife, part-time Paperchase worker, an occasional photographer, serial user of too many smiley faces and exclamation marks and by night... a blog design enthusiast!

I set up Magic Feather Designs in 2012 as an off-shoot to my personal blog, Jenny and the Magic Feather (I am not currently posting sadly!). I started doing various designs for my own blog and friend's at first, and thus my passion for CSS and HTML began with a bang! I am not a super professional at this, I am learning as I go and have no formal qualifications in graphics, HTML, or any other computer wizardry, folks. Its just me, sitting here in my (very limited!) spare time rummaging through Google and figuring out how all this works.

I love a bloggy challenge! My favourite kinds of briefs are the big, rambling kind where clients lay all their ideas out for me and I can sift through, be inspired and work off this to achieve their perfect blog designs. I will always endeavour to go above and beyond my skill set, it keeps me moving and I love it when I figure out new bits of code and discover how things work. That being said I will always be honest if something is just not achievable from me.

So... still with me? Thinking about getting a new design for your awesome blog, either new or existing? Drop me an email any time, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Please see my portfolio page to see who I have worked with and what we created together!

Please see my services page for information on how I work and prices (terms and conditions apply) or email me about a quote!


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