Another joyful design to work on! My client Gemma was looking for professional branding for her small publishing house to elevate them from DIY starters to full on stand out, credible levels as they grow their business. The Coal House is all about inclusivity and sticking true to their working-class roots so we wanted something warm, energetic, bright and colourful without clashing colours but packed with positivity and texture. I would say we nailed it but maybe I am biased ;D

Working through the process gave Gemma the chance to work through her foundations and open up some more visual ideas around her business that she hadn't considered before!

"Working with Jen, for a visual branding newbie like me, has been great. She took everything I knew about my business and turned it into a cohesive brand with it's own energy and personality. From the super helpful tips on how to really implement every aspect into my everyday brand workings to the handholding when I wasn't quite sure what I wanted things to look like, Jen took branding from a daunting decision to something I'm now super energised about and which will pump a new lease of life into our business. With super communication, super ideas, and super supportive vibes, if you've ever even thought about branding then Jen is your woman. Run, don't walk!!"

Gemma - The Coal House


All these happy, bright primary colours make my heart sing! My lovely client Emily was looking for professional branding to help her stand out from competitors but also to elevate and legitimise her business, to build trust amongst new customers to match the strong community she had built with existing clients. She chose my Level up package as she needed plenty of logo options plus socials so she could stay consistent across her platforms.

"I am absolutely overwhelmed with my new brand design, I am literally crying! I love love love it all. Jen is super nice and friendly and totally understood me, my business and what I needed. I know constructive criticism is important but I honestly can’t fault anything she has provided. I just love all the use of colour and playful designs, it feels so exciting to stand out and when I post content it’s all done for me and all mine. I feel more confident and individual"

Emily - Howe it's Done


My gosh, what a joy this was to work on! My lovely client Rachel chose my Level Up package for the glow up of her business Alice and Lulu - she sells the cutest felt dolls, which I used as inspiration for her custom highlight covers. To use her exact words; 'genius Jen!'. The package she chose was perfect to elevate her branding from the DIY design she was fast out growing, covering her full logo suite and all the social templates she could possibly need. 

"It’s always a worry working with someone else, that they won’t understand your vision and what you are wanting - especially if you struggle to describe it yourself. But I shouldn’t have worried at all, as Jen was an absolute pleasure to work with. She totally understood the brief and delivered far beyond what I could have ever asked for with the most amazing, genius details!! Worth every single penny!!! I feel like she just knew exactly what I wanted

and boy did she deliver!"

Rachel - Alice and Lulu


I seriously get to work with the cutest businesses! It was a privilege to work with Kimberley and add some seriously cute and delicious looking branding to her felt food business, Sew Cakey (they are perfect! Be sure to check out her Etsy store!). Kimberley jumped straight in and chose my High Flyer package, she had zero branding but being a product based business, knew she needed the full shebang! Logo suite, social templates and printed collateral for her packaging.  

"Working with Jen was a dream and I’m so pleased with the results! My branding is just what I had pictured in my head: so cute and perfect for my business, and she made it a reality through insightful questions and flexible mock-ups. The final branding guide she gives you is invaluable. Don’t hesitate, get her involved in your branding ASAP!"

Kimberley - Sew Cakey


My amazing client Polly chose my Level Up package as she needed a full brand design plus socials to move her business forward. She was passionate about keeping a laid back vibe, but having a professional and consistent look to her growing copywriting business. She wanted to stand out from her competitors with something different that felt warm and personal - no corporate stuffiness here! She came away with not only an intentional brand identity that ticks all the boxes but a tonne of ready to use social templates to save her time and a brand guide to keep her on track going forward.

"I loved working with Jen! I felt like the whole experience was easy AND fun! She was able to create exactly what I didn't know I wanted. I really felt clueless about the whole branding thing when I reached out, I wasn't sure what I wanted, what fit my business best, and all that good stuff. So not only did I learn a lot from working with Jen, but she created a look for my brand that's just perfect! I appreciate her sooo much! I was so confused with branding that I didn't even want to deal with it. But, I love my business so much so I wanted to be able to show that in my branding and give it a look it deserves, which I'm just thrilled with! I wish I had done it sooner."

Polly - Polly Clover Writes


I love taking part in design challenges over on Instagram! These are brands/branding designed entirely by myself, so do head over to my IG profile to see more examples of my work. I love 'passion projects'  - they keep me on my toes with design skills and ideas, I am always learning new techniques and exploring design concepts so I can be confident that I am offering the best of my abilities and fresh ideas to my awesome clients.