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So you want to know more about lil old me? 

Hey friend, I'm Jen - the one woman show behind Magic Feather Designs.​​


For as long as I can remember, I have loved to be creative; through my photography degree, within my retail sales manager and visual merchandising career, as a blog design side hustler, and now I have finally found my calling as a full-time brand designer and small biz owner!


I love to work with solo small business owners, encouraging people just like me to not let go of their passions but turn them into profitable businesses that they might get to run full-time one day too, we might enjoy being small in our 'business of one' but we sure as heck still have big dreams!


I offer colourful, playful and stand-out brand designs that not only look kickass awesome but actually work hard for your business too. I help my clients work through their foundations, to better understand how to use them within their branding, content and wider marketing. I offer support as they understand how their brand design can be an effective tool in achieving their goals, and I love to over-explain and share everything I have also learned/am learning on my own small biz journey along side them.

I am not about pushing for ideas 'just coz' or jumping on any design trend - hello shelf life! ick! Nope, my goal is to create the most awesome, kickass brand identity that is built with purpose and intention, that is so aligned with your biz personality that it hurts!

Jen, the owner of Magic Feather Designs, a UK based brand design studio specialising in cute and colourful branding for small businesses.
Jen: brand designer and small biz owner

Where you can find me:
Instagram (obvs!), LinkedIn (because I am super profesh!), Pinterest (hey creatives!),
Facebook (spot the older mille
nnial!) and Tiktok (ugh Tiktok, I love you).

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Magic Feather Designs HQ - Brand design for small businesses based in Newcastle Upon Tyne
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So why choose me?

If you want a graphic designer who's going to hold your hand, not scoff at all your questions (zero silly questions here, I love to double check things too) AND overshare all her knowledge she's learned/learning on her own small biz journey then, HEY BESTIE!  You found me!


In a previous career life I was a retail manager for 20 years; passionate about visual merchandising, hiring/training the newbies and supporting my team so sales felt easy and they were equipt with all the knowledge to make their jobs easier, less overwhelming and fun.


At the start of 2021 I took my side hustle in graphic design full time, as a self-employed, shiny new brand designer - it was terrifying and exciting in equal measures! But I knew what I had to offer was worth it, I get exactly what you are going through because I have been there too. 


So what can I do for your small businesses? I've taken all my sales knowledge, team-leading experience and design expertise and smooshed it together to help you get clarity in your business, help you turn that GOLD into beautiful visuals that not only look awesome but are strategic and intentional to boot! 


Once we are done, you will be left with ALL the tools and ALL the knowledge to continue to shine online on your own, because I firmly believe that knowing your business, your brand and what branding actually is and does, will 100% empower you to use it effectively and most importantly successfully thereafter.


So, that's me, that's what I do and always have done and quite simply, it's what I do best! My friend, we got this! 

ps. I am a safe space for neurodiverse folks, introverts, LGBTQ+ community memebers and anyone else who needs to know that. Everyone is welcome here friend! 

...In brand values we trust...

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Yup, one of my brand values is 'value', original I am aware but I seriously value good design, because I understand what value that can bring in return to your business. 


I want you to consider your small biz as a 'real' business and opportunity to have something for yourself and I know that professional brand design can give you that confidence to flippin' go for it! 


I value your passion for your business, I value your time and I value your faith in me as your designer. 

I know it feels like I thought super hard about these *insert eye rolls*, but creativity is crazy important to me. I do not follow design trends, I do not want to follow design trends. I love to work with clients who crave colour, boldness and a playful design that is 100% unique to their business.


I love to work with all kinds of creative small businesses and produce original, bright, inspired brand identities that *french kiss* align with their business, audience and personality but mostly help them step up and stand out for all the right reasons. 


Plus, this is my creative outlet in life and I love variety and newness!

My biggest aim within my business is to be kind, inclusive, encouraging and approachable.  


My mission is to be a source of guidance as you go through the very exciting branding process with me, not to intimidate or put you off with jargon and be a know it all. 


I am going to patiently listen and share everything I can so you can take that information forward and continue to grow your business with the tools you need.


After we finish working together, I will continue to be a cheerleader for your business and available as a source of support, advice and encouragement.

I am proud to be a safe space for LGBTQ+ and neurodiverse communities.

Image by Jay Wennington

So, what do we have in common?

👉🏻 Reading: Anything fantasy genre! I also read a lot of Fanfiction - Talk to me about books pls!

👉🏻 Listening: Always podcasts - small biz, branding and true crime!

👉🏻 Hobbies: Camping, getting outside, spending time with my boys! I am mostly glued to my emotional support Kindle too.

👉🏻 Drinking: Diet coke!

👉🏻 Eating: Pizza!

👉🏻 Watching: Everything! Total TV and film nerd! Seriously, please talk to me about TV and film!

👉🏻 Music: Very varied! Some days metal, some days folk, some days shoegazer, some days it's Tay-tay.... very rarely other pop though!

👉🏻 Film: Anything with Winona obvs, anything by Sofia Coppola, Secret Garden (93), Juno, Harry Potter is my comfort zone... Love an indie flick, or 80's classic (EG Goonies!).


👉🏻 Travel: Total homebody!


👉🏻 Star Sign: Gemini (and boy do I Gemini hard!)


👉🏻 Fact: I have been to a ball at Buckingham Palace and kiiiind of met Queen Elizabeth II.

Jen Raffles, Owner of Magic Feather Designs. A UK based branding studio for small businesses
Jen Raffles, Owner of Magic Feather Designs. A UK based branding studio for small businesses
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A happy emoji face with tears in eyes
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