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Packages and Services

As you can see, we love some colour around these here parts! If you are looking for neutral tones and minimalism... erm, well yeah this just got super awkward! 

👉🏻 You crave colour in your life but every time you try and bring some into your brand design it looks childish, miss matched and so far from the professional, credible business you know you are!

👉🏻 You struggle with consistency, with building a cohesive vibe across all of your business. Design is not your thing and becoming a proper time suck - you are ready to outsource like a GD boss!

👉🏻 You are brand shiney new to business and do not know where to even begin with making that first investment into your brand design, it feels like you can not get truly started until you look the absolute flippin' best!

👉🏻 You are getting serious now, and need your brand design to catch up. You want to be taken seriously, you are ready to attract the best customers and give them an unbelievable experience - sh*t is getting real and dreams are getting bigger! Time to level up and shine online! 

👉🏻 You just want a cute and colourful brand design that is professional, strategic, saves you time, helps you stand out and makes you feel frickin' awesome like, right now! 


OMG this brand design package has got everything you need if you are just starting out; kickass colours, beautiful type, stunning logos and a virtual hand to hold as you figure out your new brand direction and how to start STROOONG!


EEEK! Now THIS brand design package is my fave!! I cannot tell you how perfect this is for those who have been in biz 1-2 years (or savvy startups) who are ready to level things UP! We got brand direction! We got colours and type! We got logos! We got socials! We got planners! We got you COOOVERED! 


What's that you say bestie? Already worked with me but now you need MORE! Ohhhh man look at you go!? Tell me what you need right now and I will get you sorted with all the added extras you can handle and then SOOOME! Either using the brand design we already created together or add these extras on to any new brand design project!

A stamp design saying 'let's make brand magic'
A stamp design saying 'let's make brand magic'

Oh my sweet summer child.... it is 2024. If you are running your business online, using socials and content as your main source of marketing, then without strategic brand design and direction you are quite simply invisible in this very busy, very visual world.

A star sticker
A star sticker
A stamp design saying 'let's make brand magic'

Folks are 100% judging you based on your visuals, so first impressions count BUT professional brand design is way more than just visuals...

✨ It is your values, vibe, voice and message! 

✨ It sets clarity for your purpose and direction so you know how to position yourself!

✨ It ensures you look and feel confident, legit, and professional - building so much trust!

✨ It attracts the right clients, increasing sales and building your community of fans! 

✨ It allows you to stand out from competitors!

✨ It helps to save time with content ideas and creation! 

✨ It means you know exactly who you are talking to, where to show up and how!

✨ It means you get to work with someone who gets it and gives you the guidance you're craving.

That all sounds pretty awesome to me. So I don't know friend... you tell me, do you need branding?

Your business is what you do, your brand is who you are

and your brand design is how you communicate that to the right people.

A sticker design that says 'Brand Magic'
A sticker imaage with the submark logo of Magic Feather Designs
'but Jen, do I actually need branding?'
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'Kind words from kind clients' title

"Working with Jen was a dream and I’m so obsessed with the results, they are just perfection! My branding is just what I had pictured in my head: so cute and perfectly aligned for my business, and she made it a reality through insightful questions and flexible mock-ups. The final brand guide she gives you is invaluable. Jen is super talented, I’m blown away by what she does, very professional and creative, yet flexible! Don’t hesitate, get her involved in your branding ASAP!"

Kimberley - Sew Cakey

Image by Christina Rumpf
Step up

Brand Design: Step Up!

Brand design by Magic Feather designs - cute and colourful branding for small businesses

Perfect if you are a brand new business or within your first year, and are now ready to make that first investment into your brand direction and design. This service includes a thorough Brand Direction session where we fully get to grips with your business foundation PLUS you come away with a beautiful brand design too! HUZZAH! No more second guessing or DIY-ing things as you will gain a purposeful, strategic brand identity that feels so damn aligned it hurts! Designed to last and grow as you continue to step 👏🏻 it 👏🏻 up 👏🏻!


  • Brand Direction clarity session (Via Zoom)

  • Perfect colour palette and typography styling.

  • Full, versatile logo suite (your logo, three designs, loads of colours).

  • Fun brand marks/elements/icons.

  • Mini brand guidelines.

  • Canva upload and support.

  • Bonus Freebies: Feed Planner, Set It Up Checklist!

  • Additional 1 hour 1:1 Zoom afterward to ask me anything brand related!


Duration: 2-3 weeks with the additional Zoom taken after you receive your final files and guide.

Brand Design: Stand Out!

Brand design by Magic Feather designs - cute and colourful branding for small businesses

Here we go, my signature package because she's got E V E R Y T H I N G!

This is literally the one for biz owners who are seriously ready to level up and stand the frick out with professional, purposeful, strategic branding for your whole biz.

Clarity ✔️ Direction ✔️ Logos ✔️ Socials ✔️ - everything you need for a full brand identity online.


  • Brand Direction clarity session (via Zoom).

  • Colour palette and typography styling.

  • Full, versatile logo suite (your logo, three designs, loads of colours).

  • Templates for Stories, Reels, Feed posts (suitable for numerous platforms).

  • Pinterest Templates.

  • Launch/advert templates.

  • Profile images and highlight covers.

  • x2 Additional cover images (EG. Etsy, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Facebook).

  • Fun brand marks/elements/icons.

  • Brand guidelines.

  • Canva upload and support

  • Bonus Freebies: Feed Planner, Set It Up Checklist, Content Cheat Sheet!

  • Additional 1 hour 1:1 Zoom afterward to ask me anything brand related!


Duration: 4-5 weeks with the additional Zoom taken after you receive your final files and guide.

Client Experience Add Ons

Brand design by Magic Feather designs - cute and colourful branding for small businesses

Exclusive to my awesome clients, come back for additional assets for the beautiful brand we already created that is 100% going to enhance the heck out of your client experience! No retainer fees, just a one-off rate to create exactly what you need to continue to level up and scale your business, whilst staying 100% on brand!

We can get straight to work with a quick turnaround, as I already know you and your brand inside out PLUS have the files ready to go!


Any of these items can also be added on to my Brand Designs packages for new/current clients!


  • PDF brochures/proposal templates/service guides

  • Packaging stickers

  • Stationery

  • Business Cards

  • Flyers/posters

  • Marketing banners

  • Price Lists

  • Thank you cards

  • Letterheads

  • + MORE! Just ask!


Duration: 1 day (8 hours)

(Please note: I do not have print facilities however I can work with you to set up print with suppliers at an additional fee.

Rates will change depending on the scope of what you need, so price and time is discussed before hand to see what we can do within the initial 8 hours)

Web Design

Brand design by Magic Feather designs - cute and colourful branding for small businesses

Another exclusive for my existing or previous clients who are scaling their business to success!

If your business only exists on social media then it is past time my friend, that you thought... nay! GOT yourself a shiny new website. A place that is all yours, where you can say and do what you like (within reason!) when it comes to your brand and speaking to your audience. You need to own a slice of the web that is all yours, dedicated to just you with all eyes on your biz alone.

Click the button below to email me directly regarding your new website, or add this on to any Brand Design package.


  • WIX hosted

  • Up to 5 pages built and designed

  • Mobile Optimised

  • Domain Connection help

  • Social platforms connected

  • Automations set up

  • Blog set up

  • Basic on page SEO set up

STARTS FROM: £799 for a 5 page site, +£100 for each additional page.

Duration: + 1-2 weeks to any brand design package

Social Spruce Up


Need some help getting your socials looking kick-ass and scroll stopping?

Well here is a little budget friendly service just for you! This session is perfect for any business looking to level up their social media look, content and vibe, but not looking to get full brand design.

Finally, have a solid idea about what colours and fonts will work best for your business, save time and get some social templates for feeds, stories and reels ready made, unique to your business, gain some fun, personality packed brand elements not currently being used by thousands of Canva users, take advantage of the chance to speak to someone about how to stay consistent and looking strong visually across your social channels.


  • 1:1 Social media audit/planning session 1hr via Zoom

  • Colour palette

  • Typography styling

  • Fun brand elements

  • 4x Feed templates (ideal for IG, FB, LI)

  • 4x Story backgrounds (ideal for IG and FB)

  • 2x Reel covers (ideal for IG)

  • 3x Pinned post covers (for IG profile)

  • Canva upload and organise

  • Bonus Freebies: Feed Planner, Content Cheat Sheet, Consistency Tips and Tricks!

  • Additional 1 hour 1:1 Zoom afterward to ask me anything!


Duration: 1-2 weeks with the additional Zoom taken after you receive your files.

Please note: This is not a brand design package, there will be no logos, brand guides or additional marketing assets available with this option.

Stand Out
Web Design
A brand mark stamp design by Magic Feather Designs
A sticker imaage with the submark logo of Magic Feather Designs
A star sticker
A star sticker
'Jen I have money questions' title

No problem! Here is what others have asked me:

Can I split my payments?

Of course! For my larger investments with the brand design packages I take 50% of the fee first, this holds your booking as a non-refundable deposit. Then the remaining 50% is taken 30 days later or before your final files are released, whichever comes first.

Do you have a refund policy?

Sure do! It is all clearly explained in my contract.

Do I have to pay the whole price if I want to bump up to a new package at a later date?

NOPE! If you decide to start with the Step up package and a month or so later decide you now want to invest in a bigger design package with me, you would just pay the difference between the packages. This offer is locked in for 3 months from the date you paid originally, so even if my prices were to increase during this time, you would still pay the original rate whilst within your 3 month lock-in period (perfect for budget planning/spreading costs/saving up!). This does not include Web design, as this is a set, stand alone price.

Can I reduce costs by cutting out items from the packages?

I have designed my packages with small biz success in mind and feel confident they have everything you need BUT I 100% want my packages to be flexible and work for you, so let's talk about a custom package, that includes everything you do need instead.​ 

Please be aware, I do not do 'just a logo' service as I believe strong brand design needs to be built on strategy and with purpose. So even if you did want 'just a logo' I would still go through the same process of understanding your business needs, ideal customer, competitors and so forth to create a unique design that's going to actually be useful for your business, not just look pretty. You are investing in my time, experience, knowledge and creativity as well as design work, so to cut costs by cutting out this vital part of the process would only serve to damage your business, and I am just not about that friend! Ok, serious Jen over and out 😅

A selection of screen shot feedback quotes, saying kind things about Magic Feather Designs - brand design for small businesses

what they said.....

A happy tearful emoji face
A happy tearful emoji face
A happy tearful emoji face
'What to expect' title
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It all begins with clarity! Together we will go through my clarity workshop, this tells me everything I need to know about your business, customers, competitors and goals for our project. 

Using all the juicy information from our clarity session, I will develop your new brand's creative direction proposal! We work together at every stage until you are 100% confident and happy we are on the same path!

The fun bit! I get busy designing your logo concept first, this comes back to you in a full PDF presentation. After your feedback I will make any changes needed and we follow the same process with your socials and extra collateral, depending on what package you choose.

a star
a star
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Wrap up

Included in all my packages is an 'after care' additional Zoom call, this is in case you need extra guidance on how to use your files, iron out any issues with files etc, or if you need a second opinion whilst you launch your new brand identity!

Once everything is signed off by you, I package up all your final files in an organised folder ready to use, along with your full brand guidelines that will keep you consistent going forward!

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