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Office hours: Monday to Friday 9am - 3pm

Response time: within 24 hours

Time zone: I am UK based, so BST

Next availability: Now booking August '24 onwards!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who do you work with?

I work with passionate 'solopreneurs' (business of one folks who like to keep things small but definitely dream big!), someone who is the face of their business be it product or service - and they are ready to get their growing small business seen and heard! My style of working is very supportive and collaborative, making me ideal for business owners who are looking to make that first investment in to professional branding but maybe feeling a little apprehensive.  I love working with business owners who crave something colourful, fun, quirky and playful for their brand identity.

I'm 100% a safe space for introverts, neuro-diverse, and all members of LBGTQ+ communities. I provide numerous ways to communicate with me and work to your preferences, I pride myself on providing support, being collaborative, listening and explaining decisions and ideas in a jargon free, constructive and friendly manner. I am flexible with timelines and understand that sometimes... brains just don't want to brain today.

Do you work with international clients?

I sure do!

Can you help me think of a business name?

Sorry! I will not help you think up a business name, set up any accounts or help you write content. This is just not what I am here for. I can (and will!) offer friendly advice though! Ideally, you should have your business name and service/products set before we start working together. 

How long do projects take?

I would ideally set aside 3-6 weeks for your project to be completed, I don't believe in rushing something that is integral to your business and so personal to you - which your branding absolutely is! 

How many concepts and revisions do you include?

I work from the one concept method because if we have done our research, after all that is all we need! All of my packages include 3 revisions. 

How do I pay?

A non-refundable 50% deposit is taken before any work begins, this also holds your booking with me if you sign up in advance. This deposit is part of your final fee, not additional. The second installment of 50% is taken before the release of any final files and guidelines. You can also pay in full, upfront if you wish to. I have a refund policy in place, which is laid out within your contract. I use Monzo to send invoices and to accept payments via bank transfer.

Do you do just logos?

No, I do not offer single logo services. I strongly believe in my process, that brand foundations and designs with intention and purpose are a stronger option for any business looking to thrive.

Do you include illustrations within your work?

Not really... plain and simple, I am not an illustrator! I am all over cute brand marks, elements and fun display fonts, however! 

What files will I receive?

JPEGs, transparent PNG's and print ready PDFs. If you need something else just ask!

Have another question? Email me directly here:

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