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My lovely client Lauren is a very talented calligrapher and sign painter. However, she decided to outsource her brand design because, in her own words: "I felt quite stuck, knowing I wanted to progress, but feeling that my lack of knowledge with developing 'great' branding was holding me back from what I wanted to do. I didn't have a clear image of my brand identity and I felt like I didn't have the skills to create it well, but also felt that I really should have been able to do it myself. I felt like I needed someone to help me, but was concerned that I would have big ideas of my own that might not be interpreted well by someone else (spoiler... Jen absolutely interpreted it well!)"

This project was a treat and a new challenge as we took Laurens's own signature and turned it into her logo design! Lauren also opted for full socials and web and from her initial clarity session the design literally bloomed in my head right away and was signed off with zero changes - the whole project was a pure joy which I think shows in the beautiful design.

Image by Diana Schröder-Bode

“Working with Jen was such a smooth, supportive process. I feel like she TOTALLY understood me and my intentions for what I do. Each step of the way I felt that she genuinely listened to me with any of the questions or feedback and took it all on board with complete understanding of where I was coming from.

Each email and communication had more information than I needed (which I really, really liked) and always gave me more useful things to think about. I don't think I've ever seen anyone else compile emails in this way, but wish more people would!

I am so excited now. I love everything she created for my business and it really fed my own creativity in my already creative business. It's prompted new ideas already and am so glad I made the investment. It was an absolutely delightful experience working with her.”

Lauren - Lauren Dubell Studio


🖋 Brand clarity session

🖋 Creative direction: brand palette and typography

🖋 Full logo suite (primary, x2 secondary, submarks)

🖋 Fun brand marks and patterns

🖋 Social templates; stories, feed posts, reel covers, pinterest

🖋 Profile images and highlight covers

🖋 Launch/ad images

🖋 Network banners (Pinterest, Etsy)

🖋 Brand Guides

🖋 Final files, organised and ready to use for print and web.

🖋 Canva upload and support

🖋 Optimised Wix website and Basic SEO

LD-Guide Mock.png
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