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Branding for a New Small Business

Does a new small business really need to think about their branding?

There is quite a debate amongst the design community about if a newer business really needs to think about their professional branding, as they may not be fully set up behind the scenes and businesses evolve a LOT in their first few years etc etc - so why splash out on professional brand design when things could quickly change?

I am firmly in the camp of YES, my goodness yes! A new small business absolutely should consider its branding right away! And gosh darn it, I am going to heckin' tell you why;

Start strong people!!

So you started a small business, entered the online world and suddenly discovered you know NOTHING!? What is everyone talking about… a brand identity? Brand guidelines? A brand strategy!? If you are like me, I bet you were (are still!?) thinking:

"man, I am just here to show up and sell!? Why is this so confusing and hard!?"

No one said small business life was easy and in todays online world where everyone and their aunt is an entrepreneur, it can feel like an uphill battle in icy conditions wearing flip-flops! Right?

👉🏻 The market is saturated

👉🏻 You are not overly sales savvy

👉🏻 You don’t want to show your face on socials

👉🏻 You definitely don’t want to dance and point at nothing in your living room!?

…but you do want to make money and enjoy all the freedom being self-employed could potentially bring you…

Wait, but Jen where does branding play into all this though? Branding is just visuals right??

It really is black and white; if you want to succeed you have to get serious. You need to do the groundwork, build solid foundations (more on these in future blog posts!), get social savvy and show up in a way that’s comfortable for you so you can shine online as your brilliant self in this very visual online world we now find ourselves in.

(ppppssst! Need to know what foundations are right now?

Check out this post I wrote all about the topic on Instagram!)

As a brand designer, this is how I help my clients the most (spoiler! It is not just with kickass, colourful visuals):

🌟 We get super clear on their foundations so they know where to show up, who for and what to say.

🌟 We build their new identity, piece by piece with clear reasons why behind all the designs to get them thinking deeper than just "pretty visuals".

🌟 We create a perfectly aligned brand identity so they feel confident to show up for themselves, as themselves, everywhere their business needs them to be.

🌟 They get ready-to-use, fully branded social templates optimised for all the platforms, making socials and content super easy to manage - because hello! We are all content creators now!

🌟 They get time dedicated to just themselves and their business, a friend to bounce ideas around with, someone who is also in the small business space and gets it and will continue to cheer them on from the sidelines.

As a brand new business owner, that sounds pretty good right? There is so much within the process that can be invaluable to a new business owner! Like, I wish I had all that when I was starting out!

But folks, I can not stress this enough, your branding is THE magic behind your business, plain and simple here is why:

As well as all that deep clarity and beautiful visuals created through the process, afterward my clients come away with:

🙌🏻 A brand design that brings consistency across their whole business, designed to grow with them.

🙌🏻 Visuals that convey the purpose and positioning of their business, to an audience who absolutely are judging folks by their visuals.

🙌🏻 A juicy boost in their visibility, building awareness and recognition (that alone sounds wonderful!)

🙌🏻 Credibility, professionalism and therefore trust. Ain’t no one buying from you if they don’t trust you!

🙌🏻 The chance as a newbie to the market to stand out from the competition, creating a distinct place for them in their industry.

🙌🏻 And all those foundations - guess what? They play into their marketing and content too! Those other puzzle pieces that make their business legit.

🙌🏻 A strong connection to their ideal customers, pulling them in and making them curious for more… the little golden triangle of ‘know/like/trust’ that encourages… SALES!

🙌🏻 Crazy motivation and pride, they can not wait to step up, stand out and SHOW UP for their business because they feel ready and more importantly, aligned!

Now, if that did not sound utterly magical to you (are you ok??) then listen….I will say this loud and clear one last time (this blog post anyway!):

your branding is more than a cool logo,

when I say it covers everything… I mean ✨EVERYTHING✨.

(TL:DR) So to clarify….

Your business is what you sell/do. Your brand is why people buy what you sell/do. Your branding is the magical way we communicate that gold to the right people. Which kinda sounds pretty darn important wherever you are in business, to me anyway!?

Why should new small businesses, the ones who probably need the most support and help, NOT get in on the most valuable groundwork and information that will 100% help them set up their businesses the right way for success?

I said at the start that new small businesses evolve a lot in the first years as folks find their feet and groove in the small biz life, and this is true. But a good, solid brand design and identity that has been created based on strategy and purpose should easily evolve with your business, it should give you the knowledge and tools to help facilitate that growth and keep you heading in the right direction. That upwards and onwards one, you know... the good one ;D

So what do you think, do only established small businesses need to benefit from professional brand design, or have I convinced you that ALL small businesses with success in mind should definitely focus on their brand design and development? I would love to hear your views in the comments below!

PS: Remember you can find and follow me for more branding and small biz chats on all socials @magicfeatherdesigns - see you there!


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