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I am so lucky that I get to work on the cutest, brightest brand designs - I say this every time but ugh, what a joy this was to create. 

My lovely client Carla was looking to get her full brand identity 100% nailed before launching her performing arts school. A great place to start! We got super clear on who she was, what her business was all about and who she wanted to be pulling in. The results were a fully aligned brand design that was bright, fun, inspiring and creative - just like her teaching style. Her target audience was primary school age kids (and their parents) so it needed to be youthful, friendly and warm but not too childish... did we nail it or did we FRICKING nail it!?


“I feel like this is the first step anyone should take when starting a new business. One of my first meetings was all about where I started and where I am now and we talked about my vision for the business; this is something I struggle to do myself, so being able to talk this through helped me so much. It was all the next steps after this, the logo, the branding, the social media designs and layouts - seeing all of this come together was just amazing and gave me that confidence I needed. Jen is highly organised and professional and I felt that every email and zoom call was clear and concise and I knew exactly what the next steps were. Our work together turned my idea on paper into a reality and gave me the boost of confidence that I needed to make my dream happen.”

Carla - Shining Stars Performing Arts Academy


🌈 Brand clarity session

🌈 Creative direction: brand palette and typography

🌈 Full logo suite (primary, x2 secondary, submarks)

🌈 Fun brand marks and patterns

🌈 Social templates; stories, feed posts, reel covers

🌈 Profile images and highlight covers

🌈 Launch/ad images

🌈 Network banners (Pinterest, Facebook)

🌈 Brand Guides

🌈 Optimised, responsive website

🌈 Final files, organised and ready to use for print and web.

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