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The Real Purpose of Your Logo

Let's discuss why ‘just a logo’ doesn’t cut it anymore ☕️

The primary logo for Magic Feather Designs, a Newcastle upon Tyne brand design studio for small businesses.

Firstly, one size does not fit all.

Plain and simple.

If you are running a business online - which I am guessing you probably are, service or product based we all rely on social media for quick and easy ("easy" she says! Pah!) content marketing these days. With everyone living online, shopping via socials, hanging on the words of their favourite influencers... if you are not marketing your business online somewhere then please tell me what your marketing strategy is because I would love to have more offline options 😅

With different platforms comes different optimised sizes, with marketing on and offline comes the need for different file types, with wanting your watermark on images and posts comes the need for smaller sizes and certain file types, again all in the name of best optimisation. Because we all want to look our best right? So how can one simple logo stand up to the task of so many requirements?

I will say it again - these days, one size can not fit all. Which is more often all your get when you choose to purchase 'just a logo' for £50 or less.

You need a logo SUITE.

In order to mix things up but stay on brand and consistent (the K E Y for building recognition and trust within your business), have a variety of easy uses, have optimised sizes and file types at the ready then you need a full logo suite. What is a logo suite then fancy pants, with your fancy degree and everything Jennifer....

A Primary logo; the main event! The logo that is used where you need to say who you are and have a tagline that says what you do. This is your all singing, all dancing THIS IS ME option. This is perfect for websites, social banners, covers etc where space is not an issue.

A Secondary logo; ideally a couple of options to use when maybe space is an issue but you still need your logo to be the main event, but maybe a tagline isn’t so important. Also a good ‘mix it up’ option across your networks and platforms to stay on brand, but keep it interesting. A horizontal option would be perfect for letterheads or across the bottom of social posts, a stacked option would be great for business cards.

A Submark; the tiniest hint of your logo, the little baby of the logo suite, where you just need it to be known ‘hey here I am’ without shouting it from the rooftops. Perfect for profile images, watermarks, stickers, packaging and copyright tagging.

The logo suite for Magic Feather Designs, a Newcastle upon Tyne brand design studio for small businesses.

Let's look at some bigger brand examples.....

Examples of logo suites from Disney, Nike and Starbucks

Your small business should be no different. You may not be as big as Disney (yet!), but this does not mean that your business has less need for a full logo suite working hard for your business, everywhere customers come across you on or offline.

So, to address the actual point of your logo now...

The point is to look pretty though, isn't it!? Yes.... the fundamental point of your logo is to look good, catch some eyes, elicit a reaction maybe, and definitely introduce the name of your business.

But, that's about it really.

Having a pretty logo does not suddenly mean you have 'branding' for your business or even that you are a 'brand'.

Remember how I said your logo needs to be versatile for specific needs? That is more important than your logo trying to do the work of an entire brand identity.

❌ Your logo does not need to include every minute detail from your business eg. you are a photographer so let's definitely include a camera, or some film rolls, or a flash... or all of the above! 🙄

❌ Your logo does not need to be insanely bright, massive, rainbow colours, neon flashing signs. it just needs to state your business name. 🫣

❌ Your logo does not need to carry your business, nor does having a logo instantly mean you are a fully-fledged business. It should be part of a whole purposeful brand identity, one asset, a little cherry on top 🍒

Here's a little logo audit for you:

✅ Is your logo clear? If it was one solid colour eg. Black, would it all still be visible, legible and make sense? Can you clearly read the words? Could everyone else or are some letters... questionable?

✅ Is there distracting elements? Are you trying to say too much? Keep it simple! The name should be the most important aspect.

✅ Is it scaleable? If it was a tinie-tiny profile image could you still clearly make out the words/symbols?

✅ Do you have multiple file options and sizes for flexible use across your business? Do you multiple colour options to mix things up?

✅ Is it unique to you… can people spot it as uniquely yours or do you often see similar styles floating around the web? Did you follow a trend, or use the most popular font choice?

✅ Is it the cherry on top of a whole strategic brand scheme?

Yeah, I made that point about the cherries twice.

Final Thoughts

Your logo should be a part of your brand identity. A brand identity consists of a strategic colour palette, fonts that are picked to set a certain tone, brand marks that set a specific vibe, everything working together with the sole purpose of representing who your business is, what you are all about, who you are for and most importantly working really hard to hook those ideal folks in! Because that brand identity is a whole part of your.

pssst... just going to link these two posts right here that may be helpful right now!

Click the images to read these posts all about brand strategy (left) and why it is important (right).

Your logo's purpose is to introduce your business name, to be able to pop your mark on your content, images, invoices, websites etc. It is great if it is unique, quirky and grabs attention but then if there is nothing else to keep folks sticking around... if there is nothing for them to connect to, resonate with, feast their little eyes upon... some flipping substance behind your 'just a logo'.... then my friend I won't lie you have a struggle on your hands.

Ok, now to pop my designer cap on too... these folks that are designing you 'just a logo' I genuinely have no idea where they pull the inspiration from. Well... I can take a guess but let's keep things f*cking clean for f*cks sake.

I start every project with a strategy and planning session, where we discuss at length who you are, who your business is, your goals, your mission, your vision, your ideal customer - we really get to understand them! I do competitor research, visual research, plan, prep and strategise a vibe before any design begins. So that I know when I do start designing, what I come up with is purposeful, intentional and unique to your specific business needs. That it's going to sit nicely as a whole identity that works damn hard for you, that there's room to grow with you, something that's going to give you confidence, credibility and professionalism. And a whole flippin' load of magical substance.

Now, who in the world wants just a nice, boring, pretty logo over all that?

Do you have questions?

Did I make you think a thought?

Just want to congratulate me on a fabulous blog post?

... or tell me I waffle too much?

Want to discuss working together on an awesome brand identity for your wonderful business???

Go you!

Talk to me, I work on my own and welcome the conversations! Write a comment, come find me on IG and pop me a DM, or email me at I would love to hear from you!

Speak soon, Friend!

Jen xx


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