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Hey there small business owner! I see you feeling overwhelmed thinking about your dream branding; frozen with indecision over font choices, constantly questioning your colour palette, feeling like something is just off and not connecting with you or your audience.


My friend, I get it. It is tough being a new business owner, it is overwhelming suddenly having to make all these decisions, and not knowing what or where to invest in first to support your business in the strongest way possible, feels flippin' huge!


Guess what though, I got you! I know how powerful investing in your brand design can be when you are just starting out, so at Magic Feather Designs we create purposeful, personality-packed brand identities that are not only kickass awesome visually but actually works hard for your business too! Two for one...? Hells Yeah! But that's not all....


Through a supportive and kind client experience, we can 100% elevate your business through an intentional and strategic brand identity but also ensure you feel excited and confident to show up for your business, get seen and raise awareness (and hopefully revenue!), and most definitely ditch that overwhelm for sweet, sweet clarity

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Download my free Perfect Palette Guide and follow my process to getting *french kiss* beautiful brand colours that are exactly right for your small business!

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I'm Jen - the one woman show behind Magic Feather Designs.​


For as long as I can remember, I have loved to be creative; through my photography degree, within my retail sales and VM career, as a blog design side hustler and now as a full time brand designer boss lady!


I love putting myself in my client's shoes to really dig deep on exactly what they need for their small business to succeed - I am not about pushing for ideas 'just coz' or jumping on any design trend - hello shelf life! ick! Nope, my goal is to create the most awesome, kickass brand identity that is built with purpose and intention, that is so aligned with your biz personality that it hurts! 

I am UK based, living reeeet up north in Newcastle upon Tyne with my better half, the best little person we ever did make and our very clingy cat, Binx. I love, love, love what I do; being self-employed as a graphic designer/small biz owner means I can be there for my family, have time to do all the fun things together all whilst being in charge of my own career, schedule and finances - and guess what!?

I want all that for you too! 


Like, what are you waiting for? let's get that small biz started and seen!!? 


Where you can find me: Instagram (obvs!), LinkedIn (because I am super profesh!), Pinterest (hey creatives!) and Facebook (spot the older millennial!).

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"I chose Jen because I had a gut feeling we would be able to connect and I was so excited - I still am when I look at my branding! Jen “got” me straight away, her patience was wonderful too when I wanted to tweak things and then take it back to the original! I especially love the thought and reasoning behind the designs. Working with Jen was a really enjoyable and exciting experience. From giving her a jumble of words and having a feeling of what I wanted rather than an actual visualisation, she was able to bring about exactly what I meant and more! Jen is fantastic at what she does. Whether you aren’t sure of where to start with your branding, or you have your exact vision, Jen is your person!"

Celia - Celia Victor Pilates

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I had the pleasure of working with Jenna from Journal the Journey - she makes beautiful handmade travel and memory journals. Jenna wanted a super positive, creative and inspiring vibe for her new brand identity, so we went all out on the colours and handwritten style typography. Creating a look that speaks to journaling, love, closeness and happy, carefree family times.

She now has a full, versatile logo suite to use across her business, brand clarity so she knows who she's showing up for and where they will be, clear brand direction in regards to the style of posts/graphics/images to use and a stunning, bright colour palette along with fun typography styling so she stands out!

I loved creating this for Jenna, here is what she said:

"Jen was incredibly friendly and easy to work with, I liked that it didn't feel really formal, more like chatting things over with a friend! I was feeling quite confused about my branding and unsure about colours and fonts etc. I also didn't have much clarity about my business. Jen has helped me to really capture the personality of my business and bring it together nicely, I feel like I understand more about the vibe I want my business to have and who my customer base is. The presentation of the finished product was very informative and easy to digest, and very visually appealing. The process was fun and I really enjoyed filling out the clarity forms as it helped me discover more about what I want my brand to mean. "

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