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Brand design examples by Magic Feather Designs - Cute and colourful branding for small businesses

Professional brand design that's packed with personality and purpose.

You want a cute and colourful brand identity that feels like 'you', but worry that means your small business won't be seen as professional and credible... 

My friend, guess what? Look no further because you just found the brand designer you have been searching for 🥳

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Soft Dots

Hey friend! I see you feeling overwhelmed thinking about your dream branding; frozen with indecision over font choices, constantly questioning your colour palette, feeling like something is just off and not connecting with you or your audience.


You are drawn to bright colours, quirky fonts and saying 'not today!' to the trends but have a feeling that in order to be taken seriously as a business owner you need to fit in, right? Cute and colourful branding can not possibly be professional? Maybe you should just follow that trend - code:beige with a side of over used serif fonts, I mean it seems to be working for everyone else....

Well, I say FUDGE STICKS to that nonsense! Heck yeah cute and colourful brand design can be professional! Who wants to be boring and blend in any way!? Colour lovers unite! 

You want to shine online!

You want to be a step above the competition!

You want to pull in your ideal customers!

You want your business to have an impact!

You want to be seen, heard and remembered!

You want to feel aligned, excited and motivated! 

You want to be flippin' successful gosh darn it!

(in whatever way 'successful' means to you obvs)


I know how powerful investing in your brand design can be especially if you are just starting out in small business life. At Magic Feather Designs I am passionate about creating personality-packed brand identities that are colourful, that are cute, that are kickass awesome visually AND professional and purposeful and actually work hard for your business too! But that's not all....


Through a supportive and kind client experience, we 100% elevate your business through an intentional and strategic brand direction that leaves you feeling excited, confident, credible, informed and organised too, ready to show up for your business, get seen, build recognition and raise awareness (and hopefully revenue!) too! Yey!

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A little sneak peek of some recent work....

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"Working with Jen was a dream and I’m so obsessed with the results, they are just perfection! My branding is just what I had pictured in my head: so cute and perfectly aligned for my business, and she made it a reality through insightful questions and flexible mock-ups. The final brand guide she gives you is invaluable. Jen is super talented, I’m blown away by what she does, very professional and creative, yet flexible! Don’t hesitate, get her involved in your branding ASAP!"

Kimberley - Sew Cakey

Digital design
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Steal my secrets!

Download my free Perfect Palette Guide and follow my process to getting those *french kiss* beautiful brand colours that are exactly right for your small business!

Check your email!

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Did someone say FREEBIE??

The Perfect Palette Guide Freebie download by Magic Feather Designs - cute and colourful branding for small businesses
The Perfect Palette Guide Freebie download by Magic Feather Designs - cute and colourful branding for small businesses

What's that? You want to see more!! 
No problem, check out my recent content from the blog and Instagram:

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