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The Cost Of Brand Design

What is a 'fair' price for brand design, £25? £250? £2500? Maybe you are just after a logo… does £2500 really still seem a 'fair' price to charge for such a little thing?

Firstly, I am going to flip your mindset. Rather than thinking about the price of purchase, think of the value of the investment in your business. What does that mean then, Jen? Brand design should not be thought of as a one off cost, a one and done job. It is something that will last, will grow, will bring value to your business - it is an investment. A good business investment can feel great for years right? Whereas a one off cost can feel great maybe just in the short term. The investments you make to strengthen your brand should feel epic, and have longevity. Not feel like they annoyingly cost you in the short term.

Bespoke brand design that is personalised to you, your business, your customers is going to add value to your business. It is going to show your audeince you valued your business enough to invest in visuals that are attractive and speaking their language. It is going to put them at ease when purchasing from you because you look legit and professional. It’s going to help them recognise you because where ever they come across your business online, it’s consistent and jumps out as one of a kind. It is not going to repell them because something feels off, or is not as straight forward as they would like. Everything has been made with purpose, intention and strategy. Thought and care. People like that kind of thing!

Remember friend, it is 2023! Just showing up expecting customers to just find you is no longer a sustainable strategy (was it ever!?)? To just expect them to buy from you because you created an Etsy store? To not care what you are all about and if they can even trust you!? Without intention behind your brand design your business is practically invisible these days.

So what about that £2500 for just a logo?

Customers look at a logo and may think "oh, cool logo" no matter the cost and move on with their day.... however, customers connect to well thought out and designed brands. Their little eyes light up at the colours, tone and vibe because it is calling to them. They read the copy and marvel as if it was written just for them. They hang about on that social page, or website, or store eager to drink more of it up, they follow along for updates, they become invested - they suddenly find themselves buying literally anything you are selling because it simply spoke. Think of your favourite store/brand and tell me you did not feel this way when you first discovered it - do not STILL feel this way probably. A full brand does that, not a logo. Not even a £2500 logo can achieve this no matter how flashy it may be.

So, how much is all that glorious intention worth to you?

✨ attracts & resonates

✨ instills peace of mind and builds loyalty

✨ shows professionalism and credibility

✨ helps you stand out

✨ makes you recognisable

✨ keeps you consistent

✨ keeps customers coming back for more

And all this can happen AT. A. GLANCE. The building blocks start with those all important first impressions.

But that's not even all of it!! The value your brand design can bring to YOU looks like:

✨ boosting motivation to show up

✨ making content creation easy because you know what to say, to who and how

✨ saving you time savvy biz owner because you outsourced like a boss

✨ having a brand guide to easily share with investors or colleagues so you are all on the same page from the get go.

✨ benefitting from someones skills, creativity, resources and time that you may not have

✨ supporting another small business owner (what a joy right?)

✨ taking action and realising brand design was a key foundation to a strong business that lasts - yes!!

My Final Thoughts...

So let's review those prices again - yes we would all love, LOVE everything listed above for £25 because money is tight at the moment. But when we think of the value a strong brand can bring to our businesses, the usage we will get out of all the design assets for content creation and marketing, the time social templates may save us so we can work on other areas of our business, the motivation, direction and clarity needed to continue to show up for our businesses.... is £25 fair? Is £2500 fair? What would be a fair price? Literally, tell me because this is something every designer would love to know when pricing their packages based on value.

Speaking from a business owner perspective for a moment, it can be really hard to know how to price your services when you are painfully aware that we are in a recession/cost of living crisis and many, many businesses are struggling. So when we think of fair pricing and value, do not forget to include your life, your value, your worth in amongst those numbers too.

Please stop expecting miracles from a £25 logo, please please stop asking on socials for just a logo, and I beg of you stop pitching designers against each other to design you the best logo too.

Invest in the longevity and sustainability of your business, and consider the value of a full fabulous brand. Consider the skills, time and experience of your chosen designer, and the value an aligned brand will bring to you. And please, please stop thinking of your absolutely fabulous, intentional, strategic, hard-working and purposeful brand design as an expensive cost.

Speak soon friend,

Jen xx


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