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What To Do IF You Hate Your Brand Design.

One objection I hear often when people are debating about whether to invest in professional brand design or not, is “what if I change my mind... what if I don't like what I end up with?”

broken heart piece of paper

Well, unsurprising I have a few things to say about this….

✨ Firstly, having intentional branding that's professionally designed with your values, biz personality, and customers in mind will be long-lasting and rock solid because it was built from a strategic foundation, not 'just 'cause' or for the 'gram aesthetic.

✨ Professional branding is designed with INTENTION. So if you have your foundations in place, a designer can visually interpret these for you - what is right for your business will sit right with you and serve you until you are ready to grow. Not sure on these - that's ok, a good designer is going to help you work through them too.

✨ Changing things up in the future is inevitable as your business grows! Don’t fear change! Businesses should evolve, and a brand design done well should allow for this. Come back and chat about how we can level up your branding too. Elements can always stay… or go. Its called evolving 🙌🏻

✨ Having a decent colour palette that will not limit you is also crucial! So often I see businesses only using one or two colours, and my friend that soon gets stifling and boring. A designer will offer you a full palette, and most importantly advice on how and when to use those colours.

✨ Ensure whoever does your brand design, delivers a full logo suite with your package (included in all of mine 💅🏼) so you can mix it up and have options! I also always include all logo variations in all your brand colours for even more variety 🥳

Still not convinced, huh?

As well as all the options above, there is always a process that we must work through in order to get the results you love. My lovely client Celia was worried about changing her mind - we explored so many font variations that stuck within the right tones for her branding until she knew what was right for her and her biz! I am a big believer in collaborating with my clients, we do not move on until everything is 100% signed off from you, and I work in phases rather than presenting you with a completed brand design right away (hello overwhelm!).

Celia's Feedback

As the designer I am going to lead us but that doesn't mean I am going to 'take over' and not listen to all your concerns. I will always allow my clients to 'know it when they see it', and I appreciate that can be quite frustrating feedback for some designers as it doesn't give us many leads to jump off from. I work with a lot of new business owners, who are still finding their feet, voice and mind. I know the best thing I can do as the expert here is GUIDE, LISTEN and offer advice, I have been following this lead for so long that knowing how to pull out the information I need is second nature.

I want my clients to fully understand the choices behind their design, and see how we reached those conclusions. Giving them a better understanding and basis for continuing to use their new brand in the most optimised ways.

I also supply all my brand design clients with a jam-packed brand guideline that keeps them on track, informs them of things such as logo best practices, social media tips, colour and type guides as well as file type information and optimised creative direction - so staying confident with your new branding is easy peasy!

The truth behind that DIY branding...

If you are still on the fence about investing in professional brand design, maybe you feel like you are too particular, and DIY-ing things means you get what you want... ok friend. I can not tell you what to do with your money, if you want to use Canva and create your logo for free - go for it! Buuuuut let me just take a moment to highlight a few things first:

👉🏻 Be aware that you may not own the right to use your logo/elements commercially, did you check the licensing for commercial use? Something a professional design will take care of.

Canva is a great tool but you don’t own anything on it just because you made a logo there or pay the monthly fee. Do you own font/element licenses? Do you have proof? Can you use these on end products for sale? On your socials multiple times? On printed materials multiple times with many impressions?

👉🏻Canva has 80 million users worldwide (and growing) using the same elements and fonts… are you standing out from that crowd? Working with a designer means full control AND getting elements right for you, that are all yours or sourced from less popular spaces.

The reason brand designers, logo designers, graphic designers etc charge more is because not only are you paying for a design, but also for research, skills and expertise. It is an investment into your business, thus into your self because it brings added value to your business. You will come away with something that is not only unique but strategic for your business, a design that's made with intention and purpose to not only look good but be beneficial for your business as part of a whole brand design. It will also be yours, you will 100% have the copyright to use your branding wherever, however you like.

👉🏻Truth bomb: There’s likely no thought or reason behind your DIY logo, the fonts are generic and/or overused. You likely based colours and fonts on your preferences when it should be about them, not you. Just because your best friend is good at art… doesn’t mean they know how to create a strategic brand design.

You need to think about the message you are putting out there, what will resonate and attract your ideal customer, what opinions they will form about your business which ultimately dictates whether they invest with you or not.

Final Thoughts.

Making the investment into your brand design is a big step. It requires trust. Investigate your designer, read their website, look through their portfolio, and study their testimonials - if you resonate with the person working with you on your brand, the results are more likely to become something you adore.

Want to see if maybe I am the designer for you? You can check out my portfolio and testimonials dotted through my website or why not pop me a message on Instagram I also offer a FREE 30-minute discovery call where you can ask me all the questions in person and see if we would be a good fit face to face.

As always my friend, I am here to help and no question is too big or small with me.

Speak soon,

Jen xx

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